Masmadera Ltda, with 27 years of experience has been inspired by the need and demand for treated wood production in the domestic market, diversifying its offer, expanding its production to many different lines within the category of impregnated wood, currently having a wide range of products and services related to this item.

During this time they have established and created several lines of manufactured products, not only in relation to posts, poles, logs and poles, also we have become a major and a pioneer in the area of children's games, furniture, fences and exterior accessories.

Our company, always concerned about delivering a production of excellence, with first-line handling practices. Developing streamlined processes and improved with time and experience, with a clear national benchmark in the field.

Currently our production is marketed not only in Chile, our management puts us in international markets, always supported by a well-recognized and serious production quality.

For this reason, Masmadera Ltda., is a company concerned to be consistent and standardized in terms of the requirements of foreign customers, same reason why we are certified by FSC or its definition in English Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) consisting of chain of custody certification verifying FSC certified products throughout the production chain.

The FSC chain of custody (CoC, for its acronym in English) is for companies that manufacture, process and market products and non-timber forest and want to demonstrate to customers that are using raw materials obtained responsibly.

The FSC chain of custody helps companies strengthen their procurement policies and enforce policies for public and private acquisitions in the cases where the FSC is the preferred option.

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