The processes involved in our production, have the most stringent quality control, carried out by multiple internal and external personnel to our company highly skilled in different areas, ensuring that each phase is conducted in accordance with international standards and the needs of each of our clients.

Our commitment is to deliver quality, for this we have very high goals in this sense, always concerned to use the newest latest techniques and practices in terms of raw materials, processes and treatments and methods of delivery within of Chile and abroad.


Excellence in our Manufacturing
Thanks to our processes and high quality treatments
The production is under strict quality controls at every stage, from selection in the forest, to delivery or shipment to the customer.

The forests are managed to obtain the best posts. Then you select the most suitable trees for processing.

Subsequently, the raw material is transferred to the plant, where it undergoes a process of peeling, remove the bark and the cambium, then pass through the drying chambers where you get a moisture content suitable for the impregnation.

The production is treated in large autoclaves with a vacuum system and pressure with preservatives CCA-C, based on oxides. Here we apply the quality standards according to the special requirements of each client.

Subsequently, the drying is done naturally by aeration for 48 hours, after that, the production are ready for shipment or delivery to the customer.



The land area of Chile is 75.7 million hectares, of which 62.3 percent is land whose potential uses are agricultural, livestock and forestry.

The country has 33.8 million hectares of forest soils.

The mineralogical and geographical climatic advantages of these soils have allowed for species brought from the outside.

Radiata Pine is an example of this as the approximately 1,600,000 hectares planted by man, have adapted fully to the national environment.

This has generated an important source of employment for the country, as well as the development of forestry and timber industry primarily oriented to serve the various foreign markets as well as internally..

Light product, easy to handle and install in any place, specially in rural areas of difficult access
Radiata Pine piles have proven flexibility, facing impacts during manipulation, transport and installation to its final destination .
Wood is a very good insulating agent against electric current presenting no risks for living beings.
CCA is a soluble liquid based on oxides , and when applied to piles does not corrode metals.
Radiata Pine is a permeable specie, so the preservative solution introduce deep into the wood, which assure a long life of the piles in service.
CCA Preservative react into the wood, forming insoluble an stable compounds, which fixes into the wood, avoiding its leaching and assuring a long life to the wood in service.
The manufacturing process of the wooden piles require less energy demand than any other alternative products, reducing the cost of the piles against other materials.
Radiata pine piles have low install costs and its placing is faster comparing with alternative products.
The CCA wood preservative treatment extends the service life of wood significantly, requiring that fewer trees be cut, preserving in this way the native forest in its place of origin as well as of destination countries.  
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